Life Changing workshops in Auckland in September

Life Change Seminars offer Dynamic Interactive Life changing
90 min Workshops run by International Therapists
Susan Alesbury and John Howlett.

Two current workshops being run in Auckland, New Zealand
are 'Quit Smoking' and 'Why wait - Lose Weight' take place in
various Auckland locations in September 2011.

'Quit Smoking' will take you through all the myth and mythology surrounding smoking and nicotine based activities. If you think its hard to Quit then this day is for you. It will explain in details such things as why its hard to Try and give up, compared to just quitting. We cover all type of things such as patches, Nicotine based drugs and hypnotherapy. Also, what are your triggers and how you can overcome them and look towards the future as a 'Non-smoker'.

Why wait - Lose weight is a journey around the mindset of an overeater, what has brought you to this point, Yo-yo eating and all sorts of diet scenarios. How to think and act like a thin person, see yourself in the future as someone who is slim and toned. With summer just around the corner this is an ideal opportunity to act and get that body that youve always wanted, safely, healthily and quickly.