What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter into many times a day. Daydreaming, being engrossed in a book or being wrapped up in our own thoughts are everyday examples of the hypnotic state. It is simply a state of awareness where our concentration is internally focused.

Who can be hypnotised?
Almost anyone can be hypnotised as long as they want to be. It is just a form of deep relaxation where you are totally focused. Different people may experience different levels of hypnosis. The level of hypnosis however, does not determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Everyone has had a daydream at some point in their lives, and has 'drifted off somewhere', this is very similar and is a light form of trance.

Will I say or do anything I wouldn’t normally do?
No. A hypnotherapist cannot make you say or do anything that is contrary to your morals or beliefs.

Could I get stuck in hypnosis?
No. This is impossible. Even if the hypnotherapist left the room you would return to a normal state in a short while, just as you do when you have had a daydream.

Am I aware of what is happening?
Yes, you are aware of what is happening during hypnosis, you will consciously remember virtually everything, but your subconscious will hear and store everything. However, some people report forgetting some of the experience as it was simply nicer to just enjoy being so relaxed.

How many sessions will I need?
 Each full treatment session is generally approx. 60 minutes duration. We will usually be able to approximate the number of sessions required at the initial consultation.

How do I know you are properly qualified?
Details of our certifications are available upon request for you to check thoroughly. We can also show you copies at the first consultation.
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