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play the track of your choice for at least 7 days,
it's ok if you fall asleep while listening
as your subconscious mind is tuning in!

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Inspiration Island 

Inspiration Inspiration
Size : 28003.207 Kb
Type : zip
Inspiration Island Bravo mix MP3.mp3 Inspiration Island Bravo mix MP3.mp3
Size : 29066.284 Kb
Type : mp3

Think Slim 

Thinking Thinking
Size : 20950.467 Kb
Type : zip
Thinking Slim.mp3 Thinking Slim.mp3
Size : 21046.68 Kb
Type : mp3

Weight Management Motivation 

Weight Management Weight Management
Size : 11703.128 Kb
Type : zip
Weight Management Motivation.mp3 Weight Management Motivation.mp3
Size : 12214.923 Kb
Type : mp3

Overcome Sugar Addiction 

Overcome sugar Overcome sugar
Size : 19349.183 Kb
Type : zip
Overcome sugar addiction.mp3 Overcome sugar addiction.mp3
Size : 19436.497 Kb
Type : mp3

 Mind Gym Exercise Motivation - pt1

mindgym track mindgym track
Size : 2465.995 Kb
Type : zip
mindgym track 1.mp3 mindgym track 1.mp3
Size : 2482.582 Kb
Type : mp3

Mind Gym Exercise Motivation pt2

mindgym track mindgym track
Size : 26146.652 Kb
Type : zip
mindgym track 2.mp3 mindgym track 2.mp3
Size : 26218.501 Kb
Type : mp3

Stop Boredom Eating 

Stop boredom Stop boredom
Size : 19381.595 Kb
Type : zip
Stop boredom eating.mp3 Stop boredom eating.mp3
Size : 19470.778 Kb
Type : mp3

Controlling Hunger 

Controlling Controlling
Size : 19407.592 Kb
Type : zip
Controlling hunger.mp3 Controlling hunger.mp3
Size : 19495.671 Kb
Type : mp3

Reduce Binge Eating 

Reduce Binge Reduce Binge
Size : 20621.776 Kb
Type : zip
Reduce Binge Eating.mp3 Reduce Binge Eating.mp3
Size : 20721.39 Kb
Type : mp3

Learn To Eat Healthy 

Learn to Eat Learn to Eat
Size : 14780.11 Kb
Type : zip
Learn to Eat Healthy.mp3 Learn to Eat Healthy.mp3
Size : 16135.126 Kb
Type : mp3

Super Slim 

super super
Size : 23260.732 Kb
Type : zip
super slim.mp3 super slim.mp3
Size : 23376.405 Kb
Type : mp3